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Quiz: Which Persona 5 Character Are You?

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Persona 5 is an amazing role-play video game by Altus. It had great team members. If you are a fan of introvert Haru or creative Yusuke, probably your personality reflects their traits. Are you a trouble maker or honest? Do you wonder which Persona 5 character lies within you? Answer this wonderful set of questions to know which Persona 5 character are you.

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1. Where can you be found on Saturday evening?

133413 Mall
133414 Club
133415 Beach
133416 Movie Theater

2. What color would you like to use to highlight your room’s wall?

133417 Red
133418 Yellow
133419 White
133420 Blue

3. Are you good at making friends?

133421 Yes I am
133422 No, I am not
133423 I am fairly ok
133424 I think I am better than many others

4. How many friends do you have?

133425 I am alone
133426 Uncountable
133427 Two close friends
133428 3-6

5. Which was your favorite class in school?

133429 Arts
133430 Science
133431 English
133432 None, I don’t like to sit in the class

6. How do you chill out?

133433 I have no time to unwind
133434 Play video games
133435 Do gardening
133436 Eat my favorite food

7. Do you hide your feelings?

133437 Yes, most of the times
133438 Never
133439 I open up only after knowing you
133440 I may reveal

8. What genre TV shows do you mostly watch?

133441 Drama
133442 Action
133443 Comedy
133444 Fantasy

9. How everyone around describes you?

133445 Kind and compassionate
133446 The ladies’ man
133447 Hot-headed guy
133448 A genius

10. What is your style?

133449 Tomboyish
133450 Casual
133451 Formal
133452 Dressy
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