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Test Your Knowledge About Climate Emergency Trivia Quiz

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In December 2019, the European Union has become the first multilateral group to declare 'Climate Emergency'. European Union lawmakers urged the European Commission to fully ensure all related legislative and budgetary proposals to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. Apart from the European Union, countries like Argentina, Canada, and cities like New York, Sydney have also declared a climate emergency. To meet this goal, it is estimated from the recently released 'Emissions Gap Report' of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). Let's take this quiz about Climate Emergency.

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1. It is an agency of the United Nations. It was established in which year during the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment held in Stockholm?

46394 In 1974
46395 In 1973
46396 In 1972
46397 In 1971

2. Where is the UNEP headquarter located?

46398 In Nairobi
46399 In Switzerland
46400 In Geneva
46401 In Florida

3. From the 'Emissions Gap Report,' it is estimated that the European Union is on track to cut emissions by what percent % by 2030?

46402 55%
46403 45%
46404 35%
46405 15%

4. This declaration of climate emergency was made by the European Union at the United Nations Conference to be held in Spain from December _______to_________, 2019.

46406 4 to 13
46407 2 to 15
46408 2 to 13
46409 5 to 10

5. Activists of the which, a group seeking to declare a state of emergency on climate change, protested in central London?

46410 Climate Action Group Extinction Rebellion
46411 Climate Action Group Extinction Remove
46412 Climate Action Group Expert Rebellion
46413 Climate Change Group Extinction Rebellion

6. There is a demand from the government to make changes to set a new target to reach which emissions before 2050?

46414 Net-One
46415 Net-Two
46416 Net-Zero
46417 Net-Three

7. When did the IPCC release its report on climate change?

46418 8 November 1019
46419 8 November 2018
46420 8 November 1998
46421 8 November 1992

8. Do the United Nations say that how many years have we had time to stop the devastation caused by climate change?

46422 Only 09 years
46423 Only 10 years
46424 Only 11 years
46425 Only 12 years

9. Which was the hottest year in the last 4 years?

46426 2016
46427 2018
46428 2017
46429 2019

10. Hot air contains more moisture, which results in what?

46430 Heavy rain
46431 Storm
46432 Drought conditions
46433 All of the above

11. How many degrees Celsius can the average temperature rise by the end of this century due to increasing carbon emissions worldwide?

46434 1.5 Degrees Celsius
46435 2.0 Degrees Celsius
46436 2.5 Degrees Celsius
46437 0.5 Degrees Celsius

12. According to the IPCC, an average growth of _____________can lead to the extinction of 20–30% of species.

46438 0.7 ° F
46439 1.7 ° F
46440 2.7 ° F
46441 3.7 ° F

13. How does climate change affect mankind?

46442 Deficiency of Food
46443 Deficiency of Energy
46444 Deficiency of Water
46445 All of these
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