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Quiz: How Much You Know About Rocks And Minerals?

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Minerals are solid chemical compounds with a well-defined crystal lattice that repeats itself in space. Minerals can be made up of one or more elements in various chemical formulas. Even the same element can be found as different minerals if the lattice geometry is changed, e.g. graphite and diamond are both made up of carbon. On the other hand, rocks are an unconsolidated structure of two or more minerals. There are basically three types of rocks, igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. Minerals vary in their physical and chemical properties, and so do rocks. There are over 5,500 types of minerals identified by the IMA at present. Often minerals have peculiar colors due to the presence of an impurity. Some rocks are made entirely of one type of minerals like Limestone is made up of calcite or aragonite. The most common minerals found in rocks are quartz, feldspar, mica, amphiboles, pyroxenes, etc. These are also called rock-forming minerals. Let's know more about Rocks And Minerals!

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1. The study of rocks is known as...

121656 Petrology
121657 Rock Science
121658 Pedology
121659 Paleontology

2. How many types of minerals are identified by the IMA?

121660 5,245
121661 4,880
121662 4,587
121663 5,562

3. IMA is the abbreviation for...

121664 International Mineralogy Association
121665 International Minerals Association
121666 International Mineralogical Association
121667 None of these

4. Which minerals are most abundant in the earth's crust?

121668 Phosphates
121669 Silicates
121670 Carbonates
121671 Bicarbonates

5. Which types of rocks are most common on the earth's surface?

121672 Igneous
121673 Sedimentary
121674 Metamorphic
121675 None of these

6. Which of these is a liquid mineral?

121676 Water
121677 Petroleum
121678 Sulphur
121679 Mercury

7. Which of these is not a native mineral?

121680 Gold
121681 Diamond
121682 Platinum
121683 Quartz

8. Which is the most precious mineral?

121684 Platinum
121685 Diamond
121686 Jadeite
121687 Garnet

9. The rarest mineral in the world is...

121688 Grandidierite
121689 Painite
121690 Alexandrite
121691 Benitoite

10. Who is the father of Mineralogy?

121692 Georgius Agricola
121693 Joan Abella
121694 Stuart Olof Agrell
121695 François Alluaud

11. The hardest mineral in the world is...

121696 Quartz
121697 Gneiss
121698 Jasperite
121699 Diamond

12. Which of the following is the softest rock?

121700 Gypsum
121701 Granite
121702 Talk
121703 Calcite

13. The red colour of rubies is due to...

121704 Iron
121705 Zinc
121706 Aluminum
121707 Chromium

14. Which mineral is Emerald?

121708 Beryl
121709 Corundum
121710 Tanzanite
121711 Silica

15. Which is the world's largest gemstone ever found?

121712 Cullinan Diamond
121713 Bahia Emerald
121714 Liberty Bell Ruby
121715 Blue Sapphire
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