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Quiz About What Should I Major In?

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Choosing a major can be difficult, with such a large number of choices and your many differed interests. In case you’re not sure what you want to study yet, take our short quiz and find out which majors might be a good match for you and your future.

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1. Which one is your favorite subject in school?

10905 Literature
10906 Science
10907 Mathematics
10908 Sports

2. You are best suited for?

10909 Social
10910 Political
10911 Academic
10912 Artistic

3. What kind of problem would you rather solve?

10913 Interpersonal
10914 Sociological
10915 Mechanical
10916 Physical

4. How vigorous is your personality?

10917 Average
10918 Mild
10919 Super
10920 In between average and super

5. What’s your secret learning mantra?

10921 By doing
10922 Seeing
10923 Hearing
10924 All equally

6. Tell us about your critical thinking skills?

10925 Pretty good
10926 Average
10927 Excellent
10928 Don’t know about this

7. What’s your strongest point in terms of communication?

10929 Writing
10930 Solving complex problems
10931 Expressing my point in front of everyone
10932 Drama and acting

8. What will be the most preferred job location for you?

10933 Travelling
10934 Home
10935 Office
10936 All of them

9. What kind of communication do you prefer?

10937 One on one
10938 Written
10939 Any is fine
10940 All of the above

10. How many hours are you willing to work in a day?

10941 On an average hours
10942 I can work as long as it takes for something to complete
10943 I can work long hours some days if I work fewer hours most others
10944 Minimum 2 to 3 hours in a day
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