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What Major Should I Choose Quiz

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1. Which was the most preferred class that you never skipped?

7931 Science
7932 Art
7933 English
7934 Maths

2. If you find someone ill in your family or relatives how do you react towards it?

7935 Ask to consult the doctor
7936 Convey the same to others also
7937 Enquire the reason behind his falling ill
7938 Ask what they want you to do

3. What can be considered as your best quality that attracts others towards you?

7939 Public Speaker
7940 Creative
7941 Nature Lover
7942 Better Understanding

4. If you have to face an unwanted or a situation which you did not think of then what would you do or how could you react to that part?

7943 Take it as a Challenge
7944 Quit to it
7945 Back biting
7946 Neutral

5. What do you believe more in:

7947 Creationism
7948 Logics
7949 Nature
7950 Not given thoought to it

6. What can define you better:

7951 Joyfull
7952 Quiet
7953 Cherishing
7954 Talkative

7. According to you what is the key to success in one's life?

7955 Academic Percentile
7956 Knowledge
7957 Skills
7958 Thoughts

8. What you prefer the most among the following?

7959 Drama
7960 Comedy
7961 Crime
7962 Reality

9. What you were good at college?

7963 Multi Tasking
7964 Extempore
7965 Painting
7966 Preaching

10. Do you interest in social media?

7967 Yes
7968 Sometimes for time pass
7969 No
7970 Strictly when really important
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