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How To Decide What To Major In Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. In your day off! What do you spend your time doing?

13653 Working part-time for extra money
13654 Hanging out with friends
13655 Watching Netflix all day long
13656 Thinking for future

2. Do you think you are an organized person?

13657 Yes
13658 May be Yes
13659 No
13660 May be no

3. What do you consider yourself best at?

13661 Music, Art, or dance
13662 A great influencer
13663 An enthusiast hockey player
13664 Solving math problems

4. Would you feel comfortable going backpacking?

13665 Yes
13666 May be yes
13667 No
13668 Never

5. Which class are you least likely to sleep through?

13669 Health or science
13670 English or foreign language
13671 Math
13672 Psychology

6. Pick any item as per your interest:

13673 Laptop
13674 Microphone
13675 Calculator
13676 Thinking for other

7. Which famous person do you most relate to?

13677 Ellen DeGeneres
13678 Albert Einstein
13679 Walt Disney
13680 Steve Jobs

8. Do you feel you are sensitive by nature?

13681 Yes
13682 No
13683 Absolutely
13684 I do not know

9. You're asked to speak in public. What do you do?

13685 Pretend to be sick
13686 Look forward to the questions people would have for me afterwards
13687 Receive a standing ovation at the end
13688 Motivated

10. Do you like to visit art museums?

13689 Yes
13690 No
13691 I love to go museums
13692 Do not want to waste time
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