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What Major Is Best For Me Quiz

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There are a plethora of options to choose from if anyone wants to major in a particular topic. Whether it is science, commerce or arts the options are wide open for everyone. Do stars bring a sparkle in your eyes or are you a drama queen/king? People have the freedom to choose from an array of subjects and they can major in the topic of their choice. Let us take a quiz to know the answers regarding the major that is best for you.

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1. Which course are you enrolled in?

55130 Bcom
55131 BSc
55132 Arts
55133 Engineering

2. On which topic you are majoring in?

55134 Accounts and Finance
55135 Hotel Management
55136 English literature
55137 Mechanical

3. Do you like the topic you are majoring in?

55138 Yes I do
55139 No, I do not
55140 I have no other option
55141 I am not sure

4. Is your major the best one?

55142 Yes, it is very competitive
55143 It is job oriented
55144 It will give me only theoretical knowledge
55145 It will not be helpful to me

5. What other major u prefer to do?

55146 I wish to do macroeconomics
55147 I will go for agribusiness
55148 I will major in life science
55149 I am not sure what to choose

6. Is your major job oriented?

55150 Yes, it is absolutely
55151 It will fetch me only government jobs
55152 No, it is not
55153 It will fetch me all kinds of job

7. When your major was first introduced?

55154 It was introduced 20 years ago
55155 It came in existence 10 years ago
55156 It is a relatively new topic
55157 I have no idea

8. Is your major recognized by the government?

55158 Yes, it has already been
55159 It will be recognized very soon
55160 No, I do not think so
55161 Can’t say anything about it

9. How many people are enrolled in your major?

55162 Quite a lot
55163 Around 50 of them
55164 Quite few
55165 No one is enrolled yet

10. What is bad about your major?

55166 It is tough and complicated
55167 It is not job oriented
55168 It is easy and simple
55169 Not relevant to say anything
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