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What Major Is Right For Me Quiz

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Any field of interest that can maintain your interest and attention is the best choice you can major in. Everyone suffers from this dilemma of confusion that what should one major in. Eventually, it is us who can judge that what is best for us and in what we can major in.

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1. Which was the favorite subject of yours in school?

8159 English
8160 Science
8161 Maths
8162 Art

2. What can be considered as a priority to you in your life?

8163 Humanity
8164 Teachings
8165 Luxury
8166 Technology

3. If you are asked to experience something new in your daily schedule at what base would you judge that new change?

8167 Impact over you of that change
8168 Profit caused to you
8169 Comfort you are recieving of it
8170 How you can use it for others to it

4. What if you see someone dominating some other person who is strange to you?

8171 Would save the other person
8172 Tell the importance of being self dependent and not to tolerate any domination
8173 Report the respective authority
8174 Ignore

5. Which game can be considered as your all-time favorite game?

8175 Video Games
8176 Outdoor Games
8177 Indoor games but not on pc
8178 Not interested in games

6. Which word is the best fit to describe your nature?

8179 Short Tempered
8180 Calm
8181 Kind
8182 Trendy

7. What type of activity dose defines your favorite pass time stress reliever?

8183 Sleeping
8184 Hangout
8185 Reading writing
8186 Research

8. What do you feel, what is that one thing that plays a vital role in our lives and we all cannot live without it as human?

8187 Principles
8188 Technology
8189 Humanity
8190 Comfort

9. What field attracts you the most in the study of graduation?

8191 Defence
8192 BA
8193 Technology Degree
8194 Any graduation degree

10. What can be considered as an important role or part in your life?

8195 Family
8196 Nation
8197 Friend
8198 Education
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