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What Major Should I Be Quiz

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Most of the times we end up with a career in the life which we are not supposed to do. In the manner, if you feel the same and want to know what the correct career track is for you then give the answers of these 10 personalities based questions and see the outcome.

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1. You are in:

16525 School
16526 College
16527 Working somewhere
16528 Preparing for govt exams

2. The most preferred profession for you is:

16529 Police
16530 Doctor
16531 Lawyer
16532 Engineer

3. You are living with:

16533 Parents
16534 Friends
16535 Alone
16536 Live-in

4. Who takes all the decision related to your life and career?

16537 Parents
16538 Friends
16539 Relatives
16540 Myself

5. Are you happy with your current career status?

16541 No
16542 Yes
16543 Somewhere
16544 Who cares?

6. What you want to be in life?

16545 An artist
16546 Video jockey
16547 Standup comedian
16548 None of the above

7. What Service/field you are inspired?

16549 Indian Army
16550 Medicine
16551 Teaching
16552 Content Writing

8. Describe your personality?

16553 Creative
16554 Talented
16555 Goal-oriented
16556 All of the above

9. If you get an opportunity to change your profession, what would you choose?

16557 To be a homemaker
16558 Join military
16559 Be the engineer
16560 Design people’s house

10. One quality that you would never have?

16561 Punctuality
16562 Decency
16563 Morality
16564 None of the above
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