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Can You Pass This Renewable Energy Sources Trivia Quiz Test

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Questions & Options

1. The most efficient forms of Biomass has the biggest contribution with ____________%.

31470 50%
31471 40%
31472 30%
31473 20%

2. Which of the following is an example of a renewable energy source?

31474 Gasoline
31475 Solar power
31476 Coal
31477 Fossil fuels

3. Which of the following best describes renewable energy?

31478 Energy from fossil fuels
31479 Energy that is generated by burning
31480 An energy source that is not used up
31481 All of the above

4. Why is developing renewable energy important to live on Earth?

31482 We will run out of energy
31483 Renewable energy can last forever
31484 Renewable energy produces less pollution
31485 All of the above

5. What type of renewable energy comes from building dams on rivers?

31486 Wind power
31487 Solar power
31488 Hydropower
31489 Wave and tidal power

6. What type of renewable energy comes from tapping heat generated inside the Earth?

31490 Wind power
31491 Solar power
31492 Wave and tidal power
31493 Geothermal energy

7. What type of renewable energy comes from capturing the power of the sun's rays?

31494 Wind power
31495 Solar power
31496 Hydropower
31497 Wave and tidal power

8. What type of renewable energy comes from the power of the ocean?

31498 Biomass energy
31499 Solar power
31500 Hydropower
31501 Wave and tidal power

9. Which renewable energy is used most to generate electricity?

31502 Hydropower
31503 Solar power
31504 Wind power
31505 Wave and tidal power

10. What type of renewable energy comes from burning plants?

31506 Biomass energy
31507 Solar power
31508 Hydropower
31509 Wave and tidal power

11. What type of renewable energy is generated by wind turbines?

31510 Wind power
31511 Solar Power
31512 Hydropower
31513 Wave and tidal power

12. Which is the cleanest form of renewable energy?

31514 Solar
31515 Wind
31516 Hydro
31517 All of above
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