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Ultimate Trivia Quiz On Zoology For School Students

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Studying animals is of great interest to several people. It is basically a study of the animal and their established kingdoms. The basic study of animals includes everything like their eating habits, their evolution, their structures, their classification as well as their distribution. This study is done by the people who we generally term as Zoologists. They have the hobby of doing this research and sometimes they also get paid for doing this research. Let us now look at this interesting and tricky trivia quiz and see how much you know about Zoology!

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1. Where does the largest living animals belong to the group of?

25714 Fishes
25715 Birds
25716 Reptiles
25717 Mammals

2. How is yellow fever is spread?

25718 Air
25719 Water
25720 Housefly
25721 Mosquito

3. Where is RH factor is present?

25722 Blood
25723 Urine
25724 Lymph
25725 Sputum

4. How is Glucose is stored in our body?

25726 Fat
25727 Insulin
25728 Amino Acids
25729 Glycogen

5. How does birds excrete nitrogenous waste?

25734 Urea
25735 Ammonia
25736 Fatty Acids
25737 Urine

6. Where is poison present in the scorpion?

25746 Leg
25747 Hand
25748 Sting
25749 Mouth

7. What is Medulla Oblongata called?

25778 Piameter
25779 Durameter
25780 Vital Knot
25781 Pons Verolli

8. How is Rabies transmitted?

25782 Bugs
25783 Flies
25784 Mosquitoes
25785 Infected Mad Dogs

9. What is the name of branch of zoology which deals with the study of tissue?

25786 Pathology
25787 Geology
25788 Histology
25789 Physiology

10. What is the name of the excretory organ of the earthworm?

25790 Ureter
25791 Kidney
25792 Nephron
25793 Nephridium

11. Where does internal fertilization takes place?

25798 Frogs
25799 Rabbits
25800 Fishes
25801 Calotus

12. What does terrestrial insects produce?

25814 Urea
25815 Uric Acid
25816 Ammonia
25817 Hippuric Acid

13. How is snake venom used as?

25822 Poison
25823 Hormone
25824 Medicine
25825 Fertilizer

14. Where does earthworms live in the moist soil?

25830 Water
25831 Leaves
25832 Holes
25833 Burrows

15. How does dengue fever spreads?

25838 Dogs
25839 Rats
25840 Houseflies
25841 Culex Mosquitoes
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