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Concept Of Threatened Species Trivia Quiz

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The concept of threatened species has been established in context with the conservation of wildlife. The International Union for the conservation of nature and natural resources is now called the World Conservation Union which has categorized wild animals as extinct, critically endangered, endangered, vulnerable, rare species, etc. To bring the focus on threatened species IUCN has started publishing a red data book that provides information regarding threatened plants and animal species. So, take this quiz and know more about the concept of threatened species.

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1. When there is no doubt that any of the individuals of species left then it is called ......

46542 Extinct
46543 Endangered
46544 Rare species
46545 Vulnerable

2. Which one of the following species is extinct?

46546 Golden langur
46547 Golden cat
46548 Dodo
46549 Pink headed duck

3. ............. includes animals that are at extremely high risk of extinction in the immediate future.

46550 Rare species
46551 Endangered
46552 Critically endangered
46553 Vulnerable

4. The red panda is an example of ........

46554 Extinct species
46555 Critically endangered species
46556 Endangered species
46557 Vulnerable

5. Which one of the following is the situation when there is inadequate information available to make any assessment of the category?

46558 Data book
46559 Information
46560 Data deficient
46561 None of these

6. Which of the following are comes under the category of vulnerable species?

46562 Black bug
46563 Leopard
46564 Blood pheasant
46565 All of these

7. Species contain a small world population that is not presently endangered or vulnerable but are at risk is called ......

46566 Rare species
46567 Extinct
46568 Endangered
46569 None of these

8. Which one of the following is an example of rare species?

46570 Duck
46571 Chinkara deer
46572 Cheetah
46573 Snow loris
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