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Quiz: Which Pretty Little Liars Character Are You?

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Pretty Little Liars is the cult favorite of every mystery lover. The crisis the girl's group goes through is enough to tingle our imagination. The unbreakable bond of the girls is also something to admire. Don't you wish to be one of them? Are you more like Aria or Emily? Take the quiz to find out exactly which character you are.

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1. Can you handle creepy mysteries?

123884 Yes
123885 Maybe
123886 Depends on the mystery
123887 No

2. Do you get sweaty palms while lying?

123888 Yes
123889 Sometimes
123890 No
123891 I don't lie

3. Do you have friends you can trust blindly?

123892 Yes
123893 Only one
123894 No
123895 Not anymore

4. Do you like being a popular girl?

123896 Yes
123897 Sometimes
123898 Not sure
123899 No

5. How would you describe your style?

123900 Sophisticated
123901 Girl next door
123902 Hippy
123903 Pink and girly

6. What is your biggest fear?

123904 Darkness
123905 Loneliness
123906 Being an outcast
123907 Not knowing

7. What do you dislike in others?

123908 Stupidity
123909 Emotionlessness
123910 Unimaginative
123911 Negativity

8. What do you like about others?

123912 Determination
123913 Truthfulness
123914 Loyalty
123915 Optimism

9. Are you a quick thinker?

123916 Yes
123917 Maybe
123918 Sometimes
123919 No

10. Would you betray your friends?

123920 No
123921 Not sure
123922 Depends on the situation
123923 Yes
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