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How Much Do You Know About Frightening Picture of Water Crisis Trivia Quiz

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To be fair, this sweet water is not enough for every person around the world. This crisis is also getting deeper day by day. The water crisis is getting deeper due to increasing population and increasing consumption of water. The picture of the future is very frightening. Both the energy crisis and pollution problems are two sides of the same coin. We are facing the crisis of energy crisis, the worst crisis facing the entire humanity is the lack of drinking water. If you look at the statistics, you will find that the majority of the worlds suffering from thirst will die. According to UN statistics, every sixth person in the world with a population of 6 billion is deprived of regular safe drinking water supply. So take this quiz on the water crisis and work in improving the condition of the water crisis.

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1. When will, more than half of the world's population will be forced to live in areas with severe water scarcity?

26794 By 2025
26795 By 2022
26796 By 2032
26797 By 2050

2. Due to water-borne diseases, in how many seconds, a child dies?

26798 In 5 seconds
26799 In 1 seconds
26800 In 9 seconds
26801 In 8 seconds

3. It is estimated that when will every fourth person in the world will suffer from water problems?

26802 By the year 2050
26803 By the year 2025
26804 By the year 2032
26805 By the year 2080

4. In the last century, the world population has increased three times and in the same period, water consumption has increased by ________.

26806 8 times
26807 7 times
26808 6 times
26809 5 times

5. In the next how many decades, there will be a water crisis in West Asian and African countries?

26810 Next 2 decades
26811 Next 3 decades
26812 Next 4 decades
26813 Next 5 decades

6. Climate change is the main reason for __________ percent of the current water level of water.

26814 30 percent
26815 50 percent
26816 10 percent
26817 20 percent

7. Which is responsible for the current water crisis?

26818 Greenhouse effect
26819 Increasing population
26820 Lack of water conservation
26821 All of above

8. Which organization look after climate change and the water crisis in the world?

26822 UNEP
26823 IPCC
26824 Both of above
26825 None of above

9. More than 6 billion population of the world is using what percentage of the total water currently used?

26826 54 percentage
26827 70 percentage
26828 84 percentage
26829 90 percentage

10. Every year, how many lakh people die due to the use of dirty water?

26830 70 million people
26831 69 million people
26832 80 million people
26833 50 million people

11. More than 1 million people die each year from malaria. _________ percent of the world's deaths due to malaria are from African countries.

26834 10 percent
26835 20 percent
26836 90 percent
26837 11 percent

12. How many people die every day from diarrhea and most of these deaths are children below 5 years of age?

26838 1000 people
26839 60000 people
26840 9000 people
26841 6000 people
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