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Quiz: What Is My Learning Style?

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Questions & Options

1. Are you a male or female?

126597 Male
126598 Female
126599 Others
126600 Don’t want to reveal

2. What is your educational qualification?

126601 High school
126602 Under-graduate
126603 Finished studying
126604 Struggling with backlogs

3. What kinds of books do you like?

126605 A book with pictures
126606 A book on the history
126607 A book on science
126608 A book with quizzes and puzzles

4. What do you do when you do not know the meaning of a word?

126609 Search in dictionary
126610 Search in google
126611 Ask a friend
126612 Ignore

5. What is your favorite pass-time?

126613 Reading a book
126614 Listening to music
126615 Going out with friends
126616 Sleeping

6. How do you generally study for a test?

126617 Memorize the entire thing
126618 Take a mock test
126619 Make PowerPoint presentations
126620 Ignore studying

7. How do you learn to operate things like computers or smartphones?

126621 Learn through modules
126622 Learn through videos
126623 Ask a friend for help
126624 Operate on your own

8. What kind of student were you in your school days?

126625 I was pretty studious
126626 I tried to study hard but didn’t get good grades
126627 I managed good grades even without studying
126628 I was poor in studies

9. What is the most distracting thing while studying?

126629 Mobile
126630 TV
126631 YouTube videos
126632 Series on Netflix

10. What is your biggest strength?

126633 Patience
126634 Perseverance
126635 Hard Work
126636 Confidence
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