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Quiz: Which Student City You Belong To?

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Questions & Options

1. Which word suits your personality best?

87881 Calm
87882 Generous
87883 Kind
87884 Adventurous

2. How do you picture your classmates in your college?

87885 Mates for life
87886 Favorites
87887 Random people
87888 Couple of special

3. What are my kind of distractions?

87889 I can control impulses
87890 Invites for parties
87891 Maybe easily led astray
87892 Crushes around

4. When you talk about the walk-off campus, what do you expect?

87893 Just happy alone
87894 Lost in crowd
87895 Why would I ever leave campus?
87896 See my university’s logo on flags hanging

5. Where do you spend your weekends mostly?

87897 Sleeping on my couch
87898 Kitchen
87899 Library
87900 Parties

6. What will you do when you need to blow off steam?

87901 Hop on the subway to attend every street festival
87902 Moving around art galleries
87903 Get out in the wilderness
87904 Watch Football

7. What time of day do you find best?

87905 Morning
87906 Evening
87907 Night
87908 Everytime

8. What do you want to hear when you go to sleep?

87909 Buses honking
87910 I just want my earphones
87911 Streetlights buzzing
87912 Absolutely nothing

9. Which is your favorite subject?

87913 Literature
87914 Music
87915 Economics
87916 Science

10. Do you like a busy city, high budget city, or laid back city?

87917 Busy
87918 Laid Back
87919 High Budget
87920 Everything
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