Quiz: Which Student City You Belong To?

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Well, everywhere we go we know the people who are educated definitely get more priority over the one's not educated. You might also be aware of the fact that abroad education is also gaining much importance these days. But which city is actually best for you? You might get attracted to a city only because of the way it looks but what about education? There are certain cities that match your preferences as well as your education requirement. You might be keen to know Which Student City You Belong To? You must try this quiz and find your answers!

Questions Excerpt

1. Which word suits your personality best?

A. Calm

B. Generous

C. Kind

D. Adventurous

2. How do you picture your classmates in your college?

A. Mates for life

B. Favorites

C. Random people

D. Couple of special

3. What are my kind of distractions?

A. I can control impulses

B. Invites for parties

C. Maybe easily led astray

D. Crushes around

4. When you talk about the walk-off campus, what do you expect?

A. Just happy alone

B. Lost in crowd

C. Why would I ever leave campus?

D. See my university’s logo on flags hanging

5. Where do you spend your weekends mostly?

A. Sleeping on my couch

B. Kitchen

C. Library

D. Parties

6. What will you do when you need to blow off steam?

A. Hop on the subway to attend every street festival

B. Moving around art galleries

C. Get out in the wilderness

D. Watch Football

7. What time of day do you find best?

A. Morning

B. Evening

C. Night

D. Everytime

8. What do you want to hear when you go to sleep?

A. Buses honking

B. I just want my earphones

C. Streetlights buzzing

D. Absolutely nothing

9. Which is your favorite subject?

A. Literature

B. Music

C. Economics

D. Science

10. Do you like a busy city, high budget city, or laid back city?

A. Busy

B. Laid Back

C. High Budget

D. Everything


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