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Which Asian City Should You Study In Quiz

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Everyone has the right to education! Education is a must thing that decides your status in society. The more educated you are, the more respect the society gives you. There are several cities where you can get the best education experience along with great curricular activities that boost up your confidence. But which city is best suitable for you? Choosing one best among several amazing countries is not an easy task. The city should also suit your lifestyle and your personality. Try this quiz and you might know Which Asian City Should You Study In?

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1. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

86173 Extrovert
86174 Introvert
86175 Both depending on people
86176 Ambivert

2. Do you like technology and innovation?

86177 Somewhat
86178 Yeah! A lot
86179 Not much
86180 I don't like it at all

3. Do you like to travel?

86181 Quite Often
86182 I am always on travelling mode
86183 Somewhat on weekends
86184 Never

4. How would your friends define your personality

86185 Innovative
86186 Simple
86187 Desirable
86188 Adventurous

5. Would you like to study in a cheap or expensive city?

86189 Cheap
86190 Expensive
86191 Happy between both
86192 I'd prefer one that's amazing

6. Would you like to study in a Muslim Friendly country?

86193 Never
86194 Why not?
86195 I need to see people around
86196 Depends on resources available in country

7. Are you really eager to study in the world's second-largest economy?

86197 Depends
86198 Unsure
86199 Of course
86200 No

8. Which city would you prefer: Laid Back or Busy?

86201 Depends on my needs
86202 Busy
86203 Preferably laid back
86204 Laid Back

9. Which subject do you really prefer?

86205 Commerce
86206 Tech
86207 Culture
86208 Literature

10. Which is your favorite cuisine?

86209 DIm Sums
86210 Bibimbap
86211 Kung Pao Chicken
86212 Somewhere I can get all above
Let’s start the quiz

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