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Quiz: Which Spiritual Ability Do You Secretly Possess?

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Questions & Options

1. Have you ever had vibes off, strangers?

93798 Frequently
93799 Not really
93800 Only if they are about to do something
93801 Not at all

2. Have you ever experienced deja vu?

93802 rarely
93803 More than normal
93804 Every Thursday
93805 About average

3. On a scale of 1-10, how long would you have stuck in confrontations?

93806 I usually find a way out before things get down
93807 I sidestep them
93808 Often
93809 Not often

4. What can you tell about the outcomes of those confrontations?

93810 I try to make it clear that I understand other party
93811 I leave feeling bad
93812 Usually, everyone calms down
93813 I always know how it will turn out

5. Have you ever had this feeling what if you find things have fallen into place seemingly without any effort?

93814 Not really
93815 Sometimes
93816 Never
93817 All the time

6. Have you ever got this feeling when something is wrong with your known?

93818 Always
93819 Ocassionally
93820 No
93821 I'm good at that

7. Have you ever been right about someone getting an award?

93822 Rarely
93823 Always
93824 I was nearly right
93825 Sometimes

8. On a scale of 1-5, how good are you at comforting your family members if something goes wrong?

93826 5
93827 1
93828 3
93829 2.5

9. Have you ever felt like you have exerted a direct influence on things by just thinking about them?

93830 Sometimes
93831 Never
93832 Not so much
93833 All the time

10. Are you liked by people at your workplace?

93834 I get along with everyone
93835 I get good results
93836 I'm the pacemaker
93837 i;m the oddball

11. How good are you at calming the cry baby?

93838 I can usually be some help
93839 Nope
93840 That's child's play
93841 I can step in and helpful before things go bad
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