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Ultimate Trivia Quiz on Translation in Protein Synthesis

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Questions & Options

1. Activation of the amino acids occurs in the presence of......... And Mg+2 ions with the utilization of energy.

49462 Protein
49463 Ribosome
49464 Enzyme
49465 Polysome

2. Which one of the following acts as protein factories?

49466 Chromosome
49467 Lysosome
49468 Mitochondria
49469 Ribosome

3. Most of the time in prokaryotes, many ribosomes line up in a row on the same mRNA. This complex is called.......

49470 Polyribosome
49471 Polysome
49472 Both of these
49473 None of these

4. Ribosomes have how many binding sites in the largest subunit for trans?

49474 2
49475 3
49476 4
49477 5

5. Which site of the ribosome holding the tRNA carrying the next amino acid that is to be added in the chain?

49478 Peptidyl site
49479 Amino acid acyl tRNA site
49480 Exite side
49481 None of these

6. Name the site of the ribosome from where tRNA leaves the ribosome?

49482 P-site
49483 A-site
49484 E-site
49485 All of these

7. The shifting of tRNA from A to P site is called translocation which occurs in the presence of enzyme.............

49486 Translocation
49487 Exopeptidases
49488 Both of these
49489 None of these

8. The correct folding up off polypeptide chain is done by........

49490 Simple protein
49491 Chaperon protein
49492 Saturated protein
49493 Unsaturated protein
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