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Ultimate Trivia Quiz on Bacterial Chromosomes

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1. What is the other name of the chromosome?

47546 Genophore
47547 Nucleoid
47548 Nuclear body
47549 All of these

2. In bacteria in addition to the nucleoid, a small ring-shaped DNA molecule also presents in the cytoplasm. This extra the chromosomal, circular, double-strand part is called........

47550 Nuclear body
47551 Plasmid
47552 Plastid
47553 None of these

3. When plasmid integrates with the nucleoid for replication, it is called.......

47554 Episome
47555 Mesosome
47556 Both of these
47557 None of these

4. Integration of nucleoid and plasmid DNA occurs at the sites having,.................. Base sequences called chromosomal memory.

47558 Complementary
47559 Supplementary
47560 Modified
47561 Polygenic

5. Which plasmid carries genes for sexuality?

47562 R plasmid
47563 F plasmid
47564 Col plasmid
47565 All of these

6. R plasmid carries genes for.......

47566 Fertility
47567 Sexuality
47568 Colicin
47569 Antibiotic resistant

7. Which one of the following kills closely related bacteria?

47570 Tetramycin
47571 Sulfonamides
47572 Streptomycin
47573 Bacteriocin

8. Which one of the following is a non-essential part of bacteria that can be isolated and transferred to the other bacteria or organisms for genetic engineering?

47574 Plasmid
47575 Episode
47576 Both of these
47577 None of these
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