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Quiz: How Well Do You Know About Your Best Friend?

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Think you know a lot about your best friend? You probably know a lot of things, but you can always go deeper. Here are some amazing questions that can help you to understand how strong is your bond with your best friend. You will be surprised to know how many things you know and how many things you need to know.

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1. Do you know your best friend’s nickname?

132923 Yes, I do
132924 I have no idea
132925 I am not sure
132926 No, I never asked about it

2. Do you know what your best friend’s favorite food is?

132927 Yes
132928 I am confused between two or three dishes
132929 No clue about it
132930 It’s something with potato, but not sure

3. Do you how many siblings does your best friend have?

132931 Yes
132932 Of course, I have even met them several times
132933 Yes, they are also my friends
132934 No, I don’t know

4. Do you what your friend wants to be after growing up?

132935 Yes, we often talk about that
132936 I knew but I forgot
132937 I am not sure
132938 We are aiming for same thing

5. Do you know about your best friend’s secret?

132939 No, we don’t share any secrets
132940 I know a few but I think there are many more
132941 I know all of their secrets
132942 I doubt if they are true

6. Do you know your best friend’s taste in music?

132943 Yes, we listen to music together all the time
132944 Yeah, but I have a better taste in music
132945 I am not sure. We don’t discuss about music.
132946 My best friend has a very bad taste in music

7. Do you anything embarrassing about your best friend?

132947 I know a few things but keep it to myself
132948 Yes, and even they know some embarrassing things about me
132949 Not really. They might be embarrassed to share.
132950 I have never asked about it

8. Do you know if your friend is left-handed or right-handed?

132951 Yes, I know that
132952 Oh shit, I never noticed
132953 I have no idea about this
132954 I think I have to guess

9. Can you tell when your best friend is lying?

132955 Always
132956 A few times
132957 Once in a while
132958 Never

10. Do you know about your best friend’s favorite ice cream flavor?

132959 Yes, we often catch together for a cup of ice cream
132960 No, I have no idea
132961 I am confused between two flavors
132962 I am not sure
Let’s start the quiz

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