Do I Have a Narcissist Friend Quiz

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A Narcissist friend is one who is needy, unsatisfied, ungrateful, selfish, has unreasonable expectations, and never apologizes. Even a narcissist friend can be healthy, one who is confident comfortable promoting themselves, assertive, and negotiate for themselves. These people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for excessive attention and admiration, troubled relationships, and a lack of empathy for others.

Questions Excerpt

1. Is your friend able to manipulate you and people around easily?

A. Not so easily

B. Yes can manipulate anyone

C. Depends on the situation

D. Not at all

2. Are they able to keep stable close friendships?

A. Yes still able to amintain childhood friendship

B. Yes but only for short span of time

C. No try to keep friendship only till required

D. Not able to maintain friendship

3. Do they appear arrogant in their daily lives?

A. Never, very cheerful

B. Always stay happy and amaze

C. Only when stressed

D. Yes always being in arrogant mood

4. Are they focused on having power in most situations?

A. Yes always try to get charge

B. No try to stay away from any such situation

C. No but try to get charge atmost

D. Yes but only at difficult situation

5. What your friend is more good at?

A. Listening

B. Speaking

C. Both

D. Depends over the need

6. Which word best fit your friend?

A. Self centered

B. Modest

C. Short Temper

D. Lame

7. How does your friend treat others?

A. Help them

B. Motivates them

C. Discourage them

D. Bully them

8. When anything goes wrong between you both what does your friend do?

A. Apologize for the issue

B. Wait for you to convince him

C. Back bite about you

D. Tease You

9. Does your friend apologize?

A. Yes but only when made any mistake

B. Yes to save friendship

C. No always expects from others

D. Depends only on mood

10. Are they focused on becoming successful?

A. Yes hardworking

B. Prefer smartwork for success

C. No get distracted by others

D. Not at all, always diverted

11. Are they envious of others' success?

A. No always celebrate other's success also

B. Motivates and encourage them for future also

C. No but do comparison from own

D. Yes and avoid others

12. Do they constantly give out unsolicited advice?

A. Yes mostly

B. No only advice when asked

C. Depends over the seriousness of the conversation

D. Yes but only to close one

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