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Quiz: Are You And Your Cousin Best Friends?

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Questions & Options

1. How much do you see your cousin?

138120 Maybe once a month
138121 Never! I hate him/her!
138122 Does it matter

2. What do you like to do with him all the time?

138124 Just talk a bit
138125 We like to hang out!
138126 It doesn't matter
138127 Nothing.

3. Do you hate him/her?

138128 Yes!
138129 No
138130 Never hate him/her!
138131 When he/she gets on my bad side

4. What is your relationship at the moment?

138132 Not so great
138133 She/he hates me, but I love her/him
138134 Don't matter
138135 We love each other!

5. What do you first of all do when you see your cousin?

138136 Hide!
138137 Give them a big Bear HUG!
138138 Start talking to them
138139 Nothing

6. Finally, do you and your cousin have anything in common?

138140 Don't care
138142 I don't know
138143 Something we do

7. Do you guys know each other's middle names?

138144 We know the first letter.....
138145 We don't have middle names.....
138146 We don't know!
138147 Well, of course, we know each other's middle names!

8. Do you know any interesting facts about your cuz friends?

138148 Not really
138149 I know a couple
138150 Yeah I know everything about him
138151 I know a lot of interesting

9. Do you guys ever disagree on something?

138152 Can't remember
138153 A few things
138154 A lot of things
138155 Many things

10. Do you guys shop at the same shops?

138156 We go shopping together
138157 We don't go shopping together.
138158 We're into a lot of the same stores
138159 We're into most of the same stores
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