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How Well Do You Know Your Bestie Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. How long have you known your bestie?

156847 Since a long time
156848 1 year
156849 A decade
156850 Since the times I know my mother

2. Do you remember his phone number?

156851 No, I don’t
156852 I even know his dad’s number
156853 Yes, I do
156854 Maybe

3. Do you know your besties’ crush?

156855 Yes, I do
156856 No, I don’t
156857 Should I tell in front of everyone?
156858 Can’t keep a count

4. What is your favorite place to hang out?

156859 Depends on our mood
156860 We don’t go out often
156861 There are a lot
156862 We just go to one place

5. Can you guess his/her favorite movie?

156863 No, I cannot remember
156864 Maybe
156865 It keeps changing
156866 I don’t remember

6. Can you guess his/her celebrity crush?

156867 There are a lot
156868 Meryl Streep!
156869 No Idea
156870 I don’t care

7. Can you tell his/her favorite color?

156871 No, I a cannot
156872 Maybe
156873 It was red
156874 Yeah, Sure

8. Do you know his astrological sign?

156875 No, I don’t
156876 What is an astrological sign?
156877 Maybe
156878 Yes, I do

9. Do you know all his secrets?

156879 Maybe
156880 Not sure
156881 He/she never tells me
156882 I even know his phone password

10. Can you tell his/her most embarrassing moment?

156883 No, I cannot remember
156884 There are a lot
156885 Yes
156886 Maybe
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