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Check Your Knowledge About Superclass Tetrapoda Class Reptilia! Test Quiz About Superclass Tetrapoda Class Reptilia

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The golden age of reptiles Jurassic period of the Mesozoic era and the number of species 7000. They are poikilotherms or ectothermic or cold-blooded and they are the true Terrestrial vertebrates. Their body is divided into head , neck, trunk, and tail and their skin is dry, cornified and non-granular. The exoskeleton is in the form of epidermal scales which helps in water conservation. Snakes and lizards shed their scales as skin cast. Respiration is a pulmonary type. Ribs and intercostal muscles increase respiration efficiency. Turtles also show cloacal respiration. So, take this quiz and know more about Class Reptilia.

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1. Which of the following is the age of reptiles?

37143 Archeozoic era
37144 Carboniferous era
37145 Mesozoic era
37146 Paleozoic era

2. Pelvic girdle and vestigial hind Limbs are found in...

37147 Boa
37148 Krait
37149 Cobra
37150 All of these

3. Heart in crocodile is...

37151 One chambered
37152 Two chambered
37153 Three chambered
37154 Partially four chambered

4. Which are in Lacertilia?

37155 Turtles
37156 Tortoise
37157 Lizard
37158 Snake

5. Glass snake is.....

37159 Limbless amphibian
37160 Limbless lizard
37161 Non poisonous snake
37162 Poisonous snake

6. How many occipital condyles is/are present in the skull of reptiles?

37163 One
37164 Two
37165 Three
37166 Four

7. Which of the following is a non-poisonous snake?

37167 Hydrophis
37168 Crotalus
37169 Bungarus
37170 Typhlops

8. The eggs of reptiles are always laid on.....

37171 Land
37172 Water
37173 Tree
37174 None of these

9. Reptiles are best adapted to terrestrial life because of.....

37175 Horny dermal scale
37176 Horny scutes
37177 Shelled eggs
37178 Carnivorous nature

10. Which snake has remnants of hind legs?

37179 Python
37180 Bungarus
37181 Cobra
37182 Typhlops

11. Which one of the following is the largest poisonous Indian snake?

37183 Cobra
37184 King Cobra
37185 Python
37186 All of these

12. Pineal eye occurs in.....

37187 Marine Turtle
37188 Garden lizard
37189 Testudo
37190 Sphenodon

13. The reptiles without teeth are...

37191 Draco
37192 Calotes
37193 Chelonia
37194 Gavialis

14. Snakes are sensitive to...

37195 Earth Borne vibration
37196 Thunder
37197 Airborne vibration
37198 Noise made by Birds

15. Hood of Cobra is formed by....

37199 Contraction and flattering of neck Spreading of ribs of neck region
37200 Elongation of muscles
37201 Both of these
37202 None of these

16. Autonomy is found in....

37203 Housefly
37204 House lizard
37205 Cockroach
37206 Pigeon

17. Sinus venosus is characteristic of....

37207 Birds only
37208 Reptiles and birds
37209 Birds and mammals
37210 Fishes, amphibians and reptiles

18. Venom viper effects....

37211 Circulatory system
37212 Respiratory system
37213 Nervous system
37214 None of the above

19. In which subclass reptilia the skull poses a solid roof?

37215 Parasida
37216 Diapsida
37217 Anapsida
37218 Synapsida

20. Turtles have.....

37219 Pleurodont teeth
37220 Horny beak
37221 Thecodont teeth
37222 Heterodont teeth
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