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Quiz: How Much You Know About Rhea Chakraborty?

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Rhea Chakraborty, who played the lead role of Sonali in the film Sonali Cable, is a graduate in Mass Communication and first appeared in the MTV reality show 'TVS Scooty Teen Diva'. Rhea Chakraborty has connections with many places in the country. Although the actress belongs to a Bengali family, she was born in Bengaluru, Karnataka. The actress did her schooling from Ambala Cantt and the actress did some studies in Pune. Bollywood actor Sushant Singh, now in the suicide case, actress and Sushant's alleged girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty has come in the news. She has worked in many Bollywood and Tollywood films.

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1. When did Rhea Chakraborty take her first step on earth?

111326 1 July 1982
111327 1 July 1992
111328 1 July 1892
111329 1 Jun 1992

2. How long is Rhea Chakraborty?

111330 1.06 m
111331 1.46 m
111332 1.66 m
111333 1.76 m

3. Rhea Chakraborty started her career as a ----------------- on MTV India.

111334 RJ
111335 VJ
111336 Writer
111337 Voice artists

4. Her father was an ------------------ officer.

111338 Indian Army
111339 Indian Air Force
111340 Indian Navy
111341 None of these

5. She did her schooling from which of the following?

111342 Army Public School Ambala Cantt
111343 Air Force Public School Ambala
111344 Navy Public School Ambala
111345 All of the above

6. She made her film debut in which year?

111346 In 2010
111347 In 2011
111348 In 2012
111349 In 2013

7. Chakraborty made her film debut with which Telugu film?

111350 Mere Dad Ki Maruti
111351 Tuneega Tuneega
111352 Sonali Cable
111353 All of the above

8. In 2013 she debuted in Bollywood with 'Mere Dad Ki Maruti' as...

111354 Jasleen
111355 Preeti
111356 Soumya
111357 Jolly

9. In which year she played the loose character of Sonali in Sonali Cable?

111358 In 2011
111359 In 2014
111360 In 2016
111361 In 2018

10. Which of the following TV shows is hosted by Chakraborty?

111362 Pepsi MTV Wassup
111363 Gone in 60 Seconds
111364 TicTac College Beat
111365 All of the above

11. What is Riya Chakraborty's father's name?

111366 Indrajit Chakraborty
111367 Showik Chakraborty
111368 Sandhya Chakraborty
111369 All of the above

12. On 28 July, ------------------- reported that Chakraborty had been booked in the case.

111370 Zee News
111371 Dainik Jagran
111372 Hindustan Times
111373 India Today
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