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How Intuitive Are You Quiz

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Intuition can be defined as strong internal feelings of an individual that aware of us prior to any positive or negative incident to occur along with us in our real life. These feelings may not be permanent but yeah most people are blessed with the instincts to believe their intuitions and be prepare at the earliest stage only. It is also considered as a prior warning by some people and then they act and their actions are based upon their intuitions only. People also consider it to be superstitious, thus it's an individual choice to trust and believe their intuitions or not.

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1. Basically what you do if you are fascinated by intuition?

104724 Read and Learn about it
104725 Discuss it
104726 Try to explore it more
104727 Find every possible way to get into it more

2. How much do you remember your dreams?

104728 In detailed form
104729 In blur form
104730 Forget Dreams
104731 Confused about dreams

3. How convenient it is for you to spell what you have in your mind running through?

104732 Comfortable
104733 Difficult
104734 Depends over the audience
104735 Never share it

4. Are you a good predictor, if yes then rate out of 10.

104740 8-10
104741 6-7
104742 3-5
104743 0-2

5. Do you suffer if you ignore your intuitions?

104744 Yes, always
104745 Sometimes
104746 Never
104747 Never noticed it

6. Did you ever have a random thought running across your mind which ultimately turned to be correct when you executed it practically in your life?

104748 Yes
104749 No
104750 Once in decade
104751 May be

7. According to you what others presume about you in their mind?

104752 Tune In
104753 Arrogant
104754 Busy
104755 Messed

8. Are you sufficiently blessed with the skill of judging others?

104756 Yes
104757 No
104758 Sometimes
104759 Never given a thought to it

9. According to you in what form do you take your dreams?

104760 Meaning to a life
104761 Warning for future
104762 Just imaginary thoughts
104763 Never thought of it

10. How often do you dream?

104764 Almost daily
104765 Rarely
104766 In months
104767 Depends over situations
Let’s start the quiz

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