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Test Your Knowledge About Radioactive Pollution Quiz! Radioactive Contamination Also Called Radiological Contamination Trivia Quiz

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Radioactive pollution It is defined as the incorporation of unwanted radioactive elements into the environment. It may be natural or maybe a radioactive element produced by humans. Among the causes of radioactive contamination are nuclear tests that have been carried out for war purposes. These can produce radioactive rains that travel several kilometers through the air. Accidents in nuclear power plants are another major cause of radioactive pollution to obtain energy. Some sources of pollution are uranium mines, medical activities, and radon production. This affects the trophic range of ecosystems and people may have serious health problems that lead to their deaths. To prevent this, there should be safety protocols for the operation and storage of radioactive waste as well as necessary equipment. Let's test yourself "How Much Do You About Radioactive Pollution Trivia Quiz".

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1. Which elements emit natural radioactivity are known as?

34251 Radioactive elements
34252 Radio elements
34253 Rctive elements
34254 Ruclear elements

2. Radiation emitted from splits into...

34255 Five components
34256 Four components
34257 Three components
34258 Two components

3. Spontaneous emission of radiation by unstable nuclei is called

34259 Artificial radioactivity
34260 Natural radioactivity
34261 Negative radioactivity
34262 All of above

4. Which disease is caused by radioactive pollution?

34263 Skin burns
34264 Cancer
34265 Cardiovascular
34266 All of above

5. Which radio wave causes of cancer?

34267 β wave
34268 γ wave
34269 α wave
34270 All of above

6. Who is the founder of a radioactive element?

34271 Henri Becquerel
34272 Rutherford
34273 Newton
34274 No anyone's

7. Which is the first discovered radioactive element?

34275 Polonium
34276 Radium
34277 Both of above
34278 None of these

8. Radiation damages the _________ that make up the human body.

34279 Cells
34280 Nervous system
34281 Eye
34282 Blood cell

9. Which wavelength more dangerous?

34283 High wavelength
34284 Medium wavelength
34285 Short wavelength
34286 All of above

10. Radioactive pollution refers to the release of _____________ radiation into the environment.

34287 Polarized radiation
34288 Normalised radiation
34289 Ionless radiation
34290 Ionizing radiation

11. Alpha (α), beta (β) and gamma (γ) radiations are produced by the process called...

34291 Radioactive propulsion
34292 Radioactive decay
34293 Both of above
34294 None if these

12. Which sources of radioactive pollution?

34295 Water
34296 Water sources
34297 Air space
34298 All of above
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