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Quiz: How Much You Know About Super Cyclone Amphan?

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The first cyclone of 2020 has been transformed into Amphan Super Cyclone. According to weather information website SkymetWeather, this storm is the most severe cyclonic storm in the Bay of Bengal in the last 20 years. Due to this, winds are running at a speed of 275 km per hour in the northern parts of the Bay of Bengal. Amphan is raging in Odisha and coastal West Bengal regions. From now on, the wind speed will continue to increase in coastal Andhra Pradesh, coastal Odisha, coastal West Bengal and northeastern states. Wind speed is expected to reach 50-60 km/h in coastal parts of Odisha and West Bengal and some places in the northeastern states soon.

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1. Which of the following is the meaning of cyclone "Amphan"?

83501 Sky
83502 Sea
83503 Earth
83504 Wind

2. In which year was the Amphan cyclone named?

83505 In 2000
83506 In 2001
83507 In 2002
83508 In 2004

3. The Amphan name was given by which country?

83509 Thailand
83510 Bangladesh
83511 Myanmar
83512 India

4. In meteorology, a cyclone is a large scale air mass that rotates around a ----------------- of low atmospheric pressure.

83513 Strong Center
83514 Strong Corner
83515 Both of the above
83516 None of the above

5. Which cyclones lie within the synoptic scale?

83517 Tropical cyclones
83518 Subtropical cyclones
83519 Both of the above
83520 None of the above

6. Which is the process of cyclone formation and intensification?

83521 Cyclogenesis
83522 Temperature
83523 Humidity
83524 Densities

7. Which are the main requirements for tropical cyclogenesis?

83525 Sufficiently warm sea surface temperatures
83526 Atmospheric instability
83527 High humidity in the lower to middle levels of the troposphere
83528 All of the above

8. What will be the name of the storm that comes after Amphan?

83529 Nisarga
83530 Gati
83531 Ambud
83532 Jaladhi

9. In which year the Indian Seas witnessed eight cyclonic storms as against the normal of five?

83533 In 2017
83534 In 2018
83535 In 2019
83536 In 2020

10. Which are the main effects of tropical cyclones?

83537 Heavy rain
83538 Strong wind
83539 Large storm surges near landfall
83540 All of the above
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