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Managing Volcanoes Hazards Quiz Questions And Answers

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Questions & Options

1. Which of the following would be classed as a long term response or result of the eruption?

72303 Evacuation
72304 Abandon of capital city
72305 Building an observatory to monitor volcano
72306 Increased unemployement

2. Which of the following is not a hazard from a volcano?

72307 Storm Surge
72308 Lava Flow
72309 Ash Cloud
72310 Larva

3. Which of the following would be classed as a secondary effect of a volcanic eruption?

72311 Lahars destroying crops
72312 People killed by toxic gases
72313 Destruction of forests
72314 Destruction of crops and livestocks by flooding where volcanic ash block rivers

4. Which type of volcano is most likely to cause loss of life and property when it erupts?

72315 Shield
72316 Sword
72317 Composite
72318 Parasite

5. Volcanic eruptions can have a devastating effect on communities and the environment yet people still live close to volcanoes and volcanically-active areas. Which of the following is not a reason for this?

72319 Mudflows clear areas of woodland or agriculture
72320 Underground heat
72321 Both
72322 None of the above

6. Why are more people likely to die when a volcanic eruption occurs in a poor country?

72323 No technology to monitor volcanoes
72324 No technology to support population affected
72325 No resources and infrastructure
72326 All of the above

7. What is the most effective way to protect a population during a volcanic eruption?

72327 Immigration
72328 Umbrellas
72329 Evacuation
72330 None of the above

8. In MEDCs, people living near volcanoes are generally better prepared for an eruption. Which of the following is the most likely reason?

72331 Lower literacy rates
72332 High birth rates
72333 Low death rates
72334 People cannot afford to leave their homes

9. What is molten rock called while it is still in the Earth?

72335 Lava
72336 Magma
72337 Molten
72338 Larva

10. What is molten rock called after it erupts from a volcano?

72339 Melted Rock
72340 Magma
72341 Lava
72342 Larva

11. How many volcanic regions are there in New Zealand?

72343 1
72344 5
72345 3
72346 6

12. What is a lahar?

72347 Avalanche of water and volcanic debts
72348 One that flows freely
72349 Both of the above
72350 None of the above

13. What should you not do during a volcanic eruption?

72351 Cover your nose
72352 Open doors and windows
72353 Listen to the instructions
72354 Save water

14. Which volcano erupted in 1887 and killed over 150 people?

72355 Mount Rapehu
72356 White Island
72357 Mount Tarawera
72358 None of the above

15. Which New Zealand volcano erupted in 1953, causing a train crash that killed 151 people?

72359 Mount Ruapehu
72360 Mount Tarawera
72361 White Island
72362 Mount Taranki
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