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Hollywood Hunk Quiz: Which Hollywood Hunk Are You?

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Questions & Options

1. How early do you get up?

149270 5 am
149271 6 am
149272 7 am
149273 Not a morning person

2. How often do you work out?

149274 Not at all
149275 Once a week
149276 Twice a week
149277 Three or more times in a week

3. How strict are you about your diet?

149278 Very strict
149279 I am strict but have cheat meals once a week
149280 I avoid some foods but don’t have a strict diet plan
149281 I don’t manage my diet at all

4. Which one of these is among your fantasies or your favorite?

149282 Bungee jumping
149283 Sky-diving
149284 50 kg reps
149285 Wrestling

5. What type of hair do you like for yourself?

149286 Long hairs
149287 Short hairs
149288 Medium sized silky hairs
149289 Bald headed

6. How much do cars attract you?

149290 Very much
149291 Only expensive ones
149292 Only vintage
149293 Not at all

7. What kind of movies do you love?

149294 Villain is from outer space
149295 Theft and robbery
149296 Lots of cars involved
149297 Mission oriented

8. How emotional you are?

149298 Very much
149299 Occasionally
149300 Not at all
149301 Don’t know

9. How funny are you?

149302 I am the comedy king of my group
149303 I am funny on some occasions
149304 I am too shy to speak in groups
149305 I am a serious person

10. What do you wish to become if you were blessed with a particular talent?

149306 Action hero
149307 Romantic hero
149308 Singer
149309 Singer
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