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Quiz: How Much You Know About Important Terms Used In Genetics?

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1. Characters or features of an individual is called....

30854 Gene pool
30855 Genome
30856 Gene locus
30857 Trait

2. Chemically gene is a linear segment of DNA called .......

30858 Cistron
30859 Allele
30860 Gene pool
30861 Gene locus

3. The two factors which occur on the same locus in the two homologous chromosomes and control the expression of a trait are called....

30862 Recessive gene
30863 Autosomal recessive
30864 Genome
30865 Allelomorphin

4. When both the genes responsible for a particular trait are identical, they are called......

30866 Allele
30867 Homozygous
30868 Heterozygous
30869 None of these

5. When both the genes of a character are unidentical, it is called _____ of that character.

30870 Homozygous
30871 Gene locus
30872 Gene pool
30873 Hybrid

6. The genes which express themselves in an individual in both homozygous and heterozygous form is called.....

30874 Dominant genes
30875 Recessive genes
30876 Both of them
30877 None of them

7. Which of the following is the portion of the chromosome representing a single gene?

30890 Genome
30891 Gene locus
30892 Gene pool
30893 Trait

8. Which of the following is a complete set of chromosome in which different genes are represented singly?

30910 Gene locus
30911 Gene pool
30912 Genome
30913 All of the above

9. A single genome is present in ______ cells.

30918 Haploid
30919 Diploid
30920 Both
30921 None of them

10. The sum total of all the genes present in an interbreeding population is called

30922 Trait
30923 Allele
30924 Gene pool
30925 Gene locus

11. Monohybrid cross is a cross between two organisms which is made to study the inheritance of a _______ character.

30934 Double
30935 Multiple
30936 Triple
30937 Single

12. Cross between two organisms which is made to study the inheritance of two characters is called.....

30942 Monohybrid cross
30943 Dihybrid cross
30944 Trihybrid cross
30945 None of these

13. In which generation, the offspring produced by crossing two genetically different parents?

30946 First filial generation
30947 Second filial generation
30948 Third filial generation
30949 None of them

14. The cross between F1 generation and any of the parent is called.....

30958 Pure line
30959 Test cross
30960 Reciprocal cross
30961 Back cross

15. The type of back cross when F1 generation is always crossed with recessive parents is called.....

30966 Trihybrid cross
30967 Reciprocal cross
30968 Test cross
30969 All of these

16. Which of the following is the reproduction by mating distantly related individuals?

30970 Interbreeding
30971 Outbreeding
30972 Both of them
30973 None of them

17. The external and internal manifestation of gene products in an organism is called .....

30978 Phenotypic ratio
30979 Genotypic ratio
30980 Reciprocal cross
30981 Test cross

18. The external manifestation of gene products bought to expression is called .....

30982 Reciprocal cross
30983 Genotypic ratio
30984 Test cross
30985 Phenotypic ratio

19. The cross involves the same trait but carried by sexes opposite to those of the original is called....

30986 Test cross
30987 Back cross
30988 Reciprocal cross
30989 Trihybrid cross

20. _________ is the reproduction by mating closely related individuals.

30990 Inbreeding
30991 Outbreeding
30992 Reciprocal cross
30993 Test cross
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