WW2 Quiz: How Much You Know About World War II?

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Wars are a term often distant from our daily lives, particularly conflicts between nations. World War 2 remains etched in collective memory, transcending generations, and leaving an impact even on those born after its culmination. Through tales passed down by our predecessors and documented in history books, the sorrow and devastation of that era resonate. This global conflict, known as the Second World War, wrought widespread destruction—claiming lives, depleting resources, ravaging landscapes, and leaving a trail of lost property and weaponry. Unfolding in the 1930s and concluding in the 1940s, the war saw the emergence of military alliances, engaging in conflict to protect their interests while aiming to maintain harmony within their blocs. Explore your knowledge about World War 2 in this trivia quiz!

Questions Excerpt

1. When did Second World War took place

A. 22 August, 1945

B. 1 September, 1939

C. 6 October, 1976

D. 1 July, 1934

2. When did World War 2 ended?

A. 22 January, 1987

B. 13 June, 1972

C. 12 December, 1956

D. 2 September, 1945

3. Who had the most tanks in World War 2?

A. Germany

B. Britain

C. France

D. Russia

4. Who had Kamikaze rockets during World War 2?

A. Japanese

B. Chinese

C. German

D. French

5. Who had the least rationing in Europe during World War 2?

A. Europe

B. Britain

C. Germany

D. France

6. Who was the most experienced battlefield commander of the war?

A. Kurson

B. French Revolutionist

C. Restila Stans

D. Field Marshal Alexander

7. How did World War 2 started?

A. Marco Polo Bridge Incident

B. Japan Earthquake

C. China's Trade Agreement

D. None of the above

8. Which country suffered most casualties?

A. Britain

B. France

C. Russia

D. Germany

9. Which was the longest that lasted through the period of the WW2?

A. The German Battle

B. The Battle of China

C. The Battle Of Atlantic

D. The Battle of Plassey

10. Who killed approximately 12 million people, of which 6 million were Jews?

A. French

B. Nazis

C. Hreches


11. Who did not join either of the groups fighting the WW2?

A. Sweden

B. Switzerland

C. Spain

D. All of the above

12. Who were the most dangerous military men fighting the WW2 ?

A. German

B. Naziis

C. Finnish Snippers

D. US Military

13. Who indulged in suicide tactics quite commonly during the WW2?

A. Japan

B. China

C. Germany

D. Russia

14. Who are yet to sign the peace treaty In spite of the WW2 having ended officially?

A. Russia

B. Japan

C. Both

D. None of the above

15. Whose book predicted World War 2 prior to its happening?

A. Hitler

B. Kurson

C. Lucas Stans

D. US Military Personnel

16. What are the nations involved in the war formed two opposing alliances called?

A. Nazis and Freeman

B. The Goals and Restor

C. Axis and Allies

D. Homeland and Confederacy

17. Who was the U.S. president when Pearl Harbor was attacked?

A. Franklin D.Roosevolt

B. Rachaill Williamson

C. Herbert Hoover

D. Calvin Coolidge

18. What was the treaty that ended WWI that laid some of the unrest that would later explode into WWII?

A. Geneva Conference

B. Treaty Of Versallies

C. Paris Peace Accords

D. Treaty of Los-Berstock

19. What war during the 1930s greatly influenced the development of military tactics that were used in WWII?

A. Spanish American War

B. Boer War

C. Spanish Civil War

D. Korean War

20. What was the last major attempt at a peaceful resolution with Germany before the outbreak of WWII?

A. Munich Conference

B. 1936 Olympic Conference

C. The Washington Conference

D. Geneva Convention

21. Which event began World War II?

A. Pearl Harbor

B. Assasination of Arch Dark Ferdinand

C. Inavsion of Poland

D. Battle of Britain

22. What was a line of fortifications across the French border with Germany?

A. The maginot line

B. The seigfried line

C. The stalin line

D. The verdun line

23. What did the Battle of Britain consist of?

A. A sea borne landing operation

B. Unrestricted submarine warfare

C. Strategic bombing campaign

D. The largest tank battles in history


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