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Quiz: Test You Knowledge About Electricity MCQ Questions and Answers

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Electricity is a flow of electric charge. The charge is an intrinsic property that can be present in any particles, due to this particle exerts a force on another charge. Ther are two types of charge one is a positive charge and another is a negative charge. Let's Take an awesome trivia quiz about Electricity.

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1. What is the S.I unit of electric charge?

11425 Mole
11426 Candela
11427 kilogram
11428 Coulomb

2. Which one is the necessary condition for a good conductor?

11429 Free charge carrier
11430 No charge
11431 Only positive charge carrier
11432 Only negative charge carrier

3. What is the S.I unit of electric current?

11433 Second
11434 Ampere
11435 Candela
11436 Meter

4. Which device is used for measuring the electric current?

11437 Graduated cylinder
11438 Buoyant weight
11439 Altimeter
11440 Ammeter

5. Ammeter attached in any device in which connection?

11441 Series connection
11442 Parallel Connection
11443 Both of them
11444 None of them

6. What is the S.I unit of work done?

11445 Candela
11446 Ampere
11447 Metre
11448 Joule

7. What is the S.I unit of potential difference?

11449 Radian
11450 Watt
11451 Volt
11452 Siemens

8. How many types of current?

11453 3
11454 4
11455 2
11456 5

9. What is the S.I unit of resistance?

11457 Ohm
11458 Coulomb
11459 Siemens
11460 Steradian

10. Which one is the poor conductor of electricity?

11461 Copper
11462 Distilled water
11463 HCl
11464 Human Body
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