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Check Your Knowledge About Electricity

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The branch of physical science in which the study of charge is done is called electricity. It is classified into two kinds first one is electrostatics for static electricity and the second one is current electricity. So take this quiz and Know more about electricity.

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1. When the charges on the body do not flow, then it is called........

57506 Electrostatics
57507 Static electricity
57508 Both of these
57509 None of these

2. When the charges flow through a conductor, then it is called.....

57510 Static electricity
57511 Current electricity
57512 Both of these
57513 None of these

3. Charges something that a body attains when it loses or gains the.....

57514 Atoms
57515 Protons
57516 Electrons
57517 Neutrons

4. The force acting between two point charges is directly proportional to the product of the charges and the inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them. It is a........

57518 Ohm's law
57519 Lenz's law
57520 Coulomb's law
57521 All of these

5. What is the SI unit of electrical potential?

57522 Ampere
57523 Meter
57524 Newton
57525 Volt

6. Which one of the following is a system consisting of two equal and opposite charges separated by a small distance?

57526 Electric dipole
57527 Electric circuit
57528 Both of these
57529 None of these

7. The electrical potential at a point on the equatorial line of the dipole is.......

57530 Square
57531 Double
57532 Zero
57533 Half

8. The work done in moving a charge on the potential surface is zero because.....

57534 Potential difference is 0
57535 Distance is 0
57536 Work done is 0
57537 None of these
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