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Electric Field Quiz Questions and Answers

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Electric Field region in space around a charge or charged body, where the charge has its electrical effect, is called the electric field of the charge. Electric field intensity at a point in an electric field is the force experienced by a unit positive charge placed at that point. Electric lines of force is an imaginary curve, the tangent to which at a point gives the direction of intensity at that point. Let's know more about Electric Field.

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1. Which is the value of faraday constant?

59026 9650 coulomb
59027 965 coulomb
59028 96500 coulomb
59029 965000 coulomb

2. The unit of magnetic induction B is...

59030 Weber
59031 Weber meter squire
59032 Newton
59033 Newton meter

3. Current is conductor due to……

59034 The motion of free electrons in it
59035 The motion of positive ions
59036 Free electrons and holes
59037 Protons

4. Specific resistance of wire depends upon_______.

59038 Its length
59039 It's cross-section area
59040 It's material
59041 Its dimensions

5. The heater element in an electric iron is made of:

59042 Iron
59043 Constant
59044 Nichrome
59045 Tungsten

6. Newton law deal's with the relation between_________.

59046 Current and potential difference
59047 Capacity and charge
59048 Capacity and potential
59049 All of the above

7. An electric generator act as….

59050 A source of electric charge
59051 A source of heat energy
59052 An Electromagnet
59053 A converter of energy

8. Which is the unit of charge?

59054 Ampere
59055 Coulomb
59056 Farad
59057 Ohm

9. Which one is the unit of potential difference?

59058 Ampere
59059 Volt
59060 Ohm
59061 Coulomb

10. Which is the SI unit of resistance?

59062 Volt
59063 Ohm
59064 Ohm-meter
59065 Ampere
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