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Quiz: How Much You Know About Electric Circuit?

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Electricity for every part of the world and every person is very important. We all have heard, read, and gained knowledge about electricity. All of you might be aware of the term, electric circuit? One of the most important parts while talking about electricity. But there are a lot of things to be known to have perfect knowledge of electric circuits. Do you think you know all about electric circuits? Do you think you have the intellect to answer all about the electric circuits? If you think this way, then try out this fantastic trivia quiz: How Much You know about Electric circuit?

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1. Do you think An electric circuit is a closed-loop or pathway that allows electric charges to flow?

133141 Not at all
133142 Partly yes
133143 Not sure
133144 Yes

2. Do you think A parallel connection is a type of electrical circuit in which there is a single current pathway?

133145 True
133146 Equally true and false
133147 False
133148 None of the above

3. DO you think A series connection is a type of electric circuit in which there are multiple paths?

133149 True
133150 False
133151 Equally false, equally true
133152 Not sure

4. What is the device called that controls current in electric circuits?

133153 Resistor
133154 Switch
133155 Main board
133156 None of the above

5. An electric current is a flow of __________?

133157 Resistors
133158 Electrons
133159 Motherboard
133160 Charged particles

6. Compared to thin wires, electrical resistance in thick wires is __________?

133161 Greater
133162 Same
133163 Between same and greater
133164 Less

7. What happens when one bulb in a series circuit containing several light bulbs burn out?

133165 Other bulb burns brighter
133166 Nothing changes in the circuit
133167 None of the other bulbs will light up
133168 The whole circuit gets fused

8. In which unit is current measured?

133169 Jouls
133170 Amperes
133171 Ohms
133172 Watts

9. Electric current is the flow of __________?

133173 Electrons
133174 Neurons
133175 Protons
133176 Charged Particles

10. When a short-circuit takes place, the fuse wire melts and breaks the __________?

133177 Charged Particles
133178 Electrons
133179 Earth
133180 Circuit

11. If a person touches a live wire, he or she gets severe ________?

133181 Overloading
133182 Fluctuations
133183 Electric Shock
133184 Fused circuit

12. When we turn the switch to the off position the circuit is _________

133185 Closed
133186 Open
133187 Negative, Positive
133188 Overload

13. Find the odd-one-out?

133189 Wood
133190 Aluminium
133191 Iron
133192 Copper
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