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Which Superhero Are You Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. Which superpower would you need to have?

21954 Flying capacity
21955 The capacity to climb dividers and hop over structures
21956 The intensity of Invisibility
21957 Immortality

2. How could you get your forces?

21958 Something bit me
21959 I made them
21960 I was conceived
21961 I was investigated

3. Pick a word that depicts your character!

21962 Honest
21963 Protective
21964 Tough
21965 Laidback

4. Where might you live when you're not making all the difference?

21966 A house
21967 An institute
21968 A house
21969 Aloft

5. What may your typical ordinary work be?

21970 As a notable organization CEO
21971 School instructor or teacher
21972 A gifted picture taker
21973 A gifted author in any media house

6. Your squad is enduring an onslaught and you have to spare them. How might you do this?

21974 You whip them away and afterwards battle with the miscreant
21975 You are the most grounded - you bounce in to defend your companions
21976 Distract the reprobates, and offer time to regroup your group
21977 You might want to see a few reprobates get by you

7. What might you fight the foe with?

21978 Logic
21979 Hand to hand battle
21980 Strength
21981 Superpowers

8. If you were in a gathering of superheroes, what may your activity be?

21982 The innovator or maker
21983 The muscle
21984 The lighthearted element
21985 The pioneer of the gathering

9. Which shade of color might you want to choose as an essentially make up ensemble shading?

21986 Black
21987 Blue
21988 Yellow
21989 Red

10. On the off chance that you could have one superpower, what might it be?

21990 The capacity to modify the climate
21991 Extreme adaptability/flexibility
21992 Ingenuity
21993 Ability to extend the extent that I have to
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