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Which Power Do I Have Quiz

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1. Which kind of books are you interested more in reading?

148730 Fictional
148731 Comic
148732 Religious
148733 Biopics

2. What do you do when two of your best friends start to fight?

148734 You let them fight
148735 You stop them and tell them to sit away from each other
148736 You stop them and tell the wrong one that it is your mistake
148737 You complain your teacher about it.

3. What will you do if you see a beggar on road?

148738 You will ignore him
148739 You will give him some money.
148740 Even if you had money, you wouldn’t tell him that you have some to give him.
148741 You would buy something for him with your money.

4. What thoughts do you have when you know that the person next to you isn’t right about what he is saying?

148742 You let him speak whatever he wishes to.
148743 You argue with him about your point of view till the discussion is over.
148744 You try to explain him once and if he doesn’t understand then you consider him right.
148745 You hear his perspective and then tell what he could have said better

5. Which of the following often happens with you when you go on a trip?

148746 You are the earliest person to wake up in the morning.
148747 You pack everything at the last moment.
148748 You don’t feel that exciting until you are not there at your destination.
148749 Do not like any trip

6. What happens when you fail to get your desired marks in the test so many times?

148750 You cry on the first day and then you are normal.
148751 You carefully analyze all the mistakes that you have done in the past test.
148752 You realize that even if after so many attempts you can’t do it then it isn’t your thing.
148753 You give your 100% once and then act depending upon the result.

7. How do you think you could best contribute to a cricket match?

148754 As bowler
148755 As batsman
148756 As an umpire
148757 As a fielder

8. How often are you right to predict any future event?

148758 Sometimes when you feel luck is in your favor.
148759 Every time when you predict even generally occur that way
148760 Things never happen in the way you say.
148761 You don’t predict events.

9. How many friends do you think are trustworthy to you?

148762 One
148763 Two
148764 Many
148765 None

10. How often do you read non-academic books?

148766 Once a week
148767 Once every two weeks
148768 Once a month
148769 Never
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