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Which DC Character Are You? Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. What is your ideal superpower?

134363 Super strength
134364 Invisibility
134365 Super speed
134366 Shape shifting

2. How would your friends describe you?

134367 Loyal
134368 Funny
134369 Brave
134370 Kind

3. How would you get your superpowers?

134371 I was born with them
134372 Through excessive training
134373 They were offered to me
134374 Through an accident

4. Who would you choose to take along as your sidekick?

134375 My best friend
134376 No one
134377 My pet
134378 My brother/ sister

5. What do you think is your biggest weakness?

134379 I tend to overthink and overreact
134380 I am lazy
134381 I lack motivation
134382 I daydream a lot

6. Why do you want to be a superhero?

134383 To get fame
134384 To take revenge
134385 To be rich
134386 To help others

7. What is the most precious thing in your life?

134387 Family
134388 Love
134389 Friends
134390 Myself

8. If you have to fight crime, how would you prefer to work?

134391 Alone, I am enough
134392 As a team, two heroes are better
134393 Don’t want to fight crime
134394 I would let others do the job

9. If you can save only one person, who would you choose?

134395 Children
134396 Women
134397 My dearest person
134398 The first person I see

10. Which of these supervillains is the worst?

134399 The Joker
134400 Sinestro
134401 Black Manta
134402 Captain Cold
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