Which DC Character Are You? Quiz

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DC has an outstanding range of superheroes. From Superman to Wonder Woman, Aquaman to Joker, the list just doesn’t end either our interest in the series. If you are also a fan of the series, you must be aware of these characters and might be their fan as well. So, do you want to find out which superhero category do you fit in? If yes, let's take up this quiz to know.

Questions Excerpt

1. What is your ideal superpower?

A. Super strength

B. Invisibility

C. Super speed

D. Shape shifting

2. How would your friends describe you?

A. Loyal

B. Funny

C. Brave

D. Kind

3. How would you get your superpowers?

A. I was born with them

B. Through excessive training

C. They were offered to me

D. Through an accident

4. Who would you choose to take along as your sidekick?

A. My best friend

B. No one

C. My pet

D. My brother/ sister

5. What do you think is your biggest weakness?

A. I tend to overthink and overreact

B. I am lazy

C. I lack motivation

D. I daydream a lot

6. Why do you want to be a superhero?

A. To get fame

B. To take revenge

C. To be rich

D. To help others

7. What is the most precious thing in your life?

A. Family

B. Love

C. Friends

D. Myself

8. If you have to fight crime, how would you prefer to work?

A. Alone, I am enough

B. As a team, two heroes are better

C. Don’t want to fight crime

D. I would let others do the job

9. If you can save only one person, who would you choose?

A. Children

B. Women

C. My dearest person

D. The first person I see

10. Which of these supervillains is the worst?

A. The Joker

B. Sinestro

C. Black Manta

D. Captain Cold


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