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Quiz: What Is My Superpower?

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Questions & Options

1. Do you think superheroes exist?

55850 Yes, I thoroughly believe
55851 To some extent
55852 Rarely do I believe
55853 I do not believe so

2. Describe the kind of superpower you possess?

55854 Mind control
55855 Extraordinary strength
55856 Healing powers
55857 Magical powers

3. How powerful are you?

55858 Extremely powerful
55859 Moderately powerful
55860 I am weak
55861 I do not know about my power

4. Was your superpower inborn or you inherited it?

55862 Yes, I was born with a superpower
55863 I acquired it at a later stage
55864 No, I was not born with a superpower
55865 I do not know what to say

5. How does your family react to your superpower?

55866 Yes, they ecstatic
55867 No, they react angrily
55868 I have to convince them that I have a superpower
55869 I do not expect them to know about me

6. Will you flaunt your superpower?

55870 Yes, always and very often
55871 No, not really
55872 Very few people know about my superpower
55873 I will flaunt when the time comes

7. How do you intend to use your superpower?

55874 I will use it for protecting humanity
55875 I will use it for harming others
55876 I will not use it at all
55877 I will preserve it for future use

8. How well known are you due to your superpower?

55878 I am quite well known
55879 I am gaining popularity just now
55880 No, I am not well known
55881 Can’t say anything

9. Will you marry a girl with a similar superpower?

55882 Yes, I will do so
55883 Maybe an ordinary girl if possible
55884 No, I will not
55885 Girls do not attract me

10. How possessive are you?

55886 Quite a lot
55887 To some extent
55888 Rather sometimes but not always
55889 I do not like to be possessive
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