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Ultimate Trivia Quiz On Jackie Chan

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Action heroes are loved by all and who doesn't likes to watch action scenes in a movie. Obviously, we all love to see action heroes but we don't have any idea about how much hard work and dedication they put just to entertain us. Action heroes have to go through several difficulties and make many sacrifices. One such very amazing action hero is Jackie Chan who has made several people their fan. He is professionally and personally known as Chan Kong-sang SBS MBE PMW. Let us now have a look at the very amazing and interesting trivia quiz and find out how much you can answer about the amazing action hero!

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1. What is the birthdate of Jackie Chan?

63810 6 August
63811 18 May
63812 24 December
63813 7 April

2. Which country does Jackie Chan belongs to?

63822 Hong Kong
63823 California
63824 Japan
63825 Singapore

3. What is the height of Jackie Chan?

63830 1.78 meters
63831 1.69 meters
63832 1.71 meters
63833 1.56 meters

4. What kind of practice has Jackie Chan done?

63834 Taekwando
63835 Martial Arts
63836 Karate
63837 Judo

5. How many children does Jackie Chan has?

63838 1
63839 2
63840 3
63841 4

6. What is the name of wife of Jackie Chan?

63842 Giana
63843 Jennifer
63844 Joan
63845 Lisa

7. What is the nationality of Jackie Chan?

63846 Japanese
63847 Indian
63848 Italian
63849 Chinese

8. What is the networth of Jackie Chan?

63850 $150 million
63851 $290 million
63852 $400 million
63853 $300 million

9. What was the father's name of Jackie Chan?

63854 Harry
63855 Johny
63856 Jack
63857 Charlie

10. When was Jackie Chan's first movie released?

63858 1978
63859 1979
63860 1977
63861 1976

11. How many followers does Jackie Chan has on facebook?

63862 81 million
63863 61 million
63864 56 million
63865 100 million

12. What is the favorite color of Jackie Chan?

63866 Blue
63867 Brown
63868 Black
63869 Yellow

13. What is the hobby of Jackie Chan?

63870 Dancing
63871 Playing
63872 Cooking
63873 Singing

14. What is the zodiac sign of Jackie Chan?

63874 Aries
63875 Pisces
63876 Aquarius
63877 Scorpio

15. What is the favorite show of Jackie Chan?

63882 How I Met Your Mother?
63883 The Girl Next Door
63885 Stranger Things
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