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Quiz: Who Is Your Alter Ego?

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There are several types of people in the world and undeniably we can say that all of them have some nature, that might be or not favorable to us. There's is no doubt in the fact that every person has a multifaceted personality. Every person's personality differentiates from others in some or the other way. Somewhere everyone needs to have a double personality. But there's that one side of you that you only let out every once in while - your alter ego. Try out this very interesting quiz to check out who is your alter ego? Let's have fun and get to know your personality!!

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1. How brave are you?

121384 Not at all
121385 Moderate
121386 Often
121387 Very Often

2. How often do you think you are successful at seduction?

121388 Somewhat
121389 Often
121390 Rarely
121391 Very Often

3. Do you think you are good at playing tricks?

121392 Somewhat agree
121393 Somewhat disagree
121394 Agree
121395 Disagree

4. Do you believe in magic?

121396 Very Often
121397 Often
121398 Somewhat
121399 Rarely

5. Choose your favorite weather?

121400 Sunny
121401 Weather
121402 Rainy
121403 Autumn

6. Choose what will you have the first at a fest or fair?

121404 Balloons
121405 Snacks
121406 Giant stuffed animals
121407 Rides

7. Choose what you would like to preferred to be?

121408 Admired
121409 Successful
121410 Rich
121411 Happy

8. How often are you the life of the party?

121412 Often
121413 Somewhat
121414 Rarely
121415 Very often

9. Pick your favorite kind of show?

121416 Sitcom
121417 Crime Drama
121418 Reality TV
121419 Documentary Series

10. Choose your favorite flower?

121420 Daisy
121421 Rose
121422 Lily
121423 Tulip

11. How often people laugh at your jokes?

121424 Often
121425 Somewhat
121426 Rarely
121427 Very Often

12. Are you a good dancer?

121428 Somewhat agree
121429 Agree
121430 Disagree
121431 Somewhat disagree
Let’s start the quiz

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