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Which Is The Best Winter Coats For You Quiz

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Winter season is preferred by a lot of people. The season has amazing trends in fashion! Do you also want to look great in fashion? Do you also want to get great compliments from people about your fashion? Do you really want to outlook the best? DO you really want to know which winter coat would really suit you based on your personality? Then, try out this quiz and you'll get to know about the best winter coat for you!

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1. Do you like to wear coats in a simpler way or casual way?

83925 Kinda loose
83926 Classy coats
83927 Casual Way
83928 Simple ones

2. Where do you mostly wear coats?

83929 Everywhere
83930 Parties
83931 In a casual way
83932 To feel comfortable

3. Do you generally get compliments from people?

83933 Yes, in every party
83934 Yeah, my cool style is complimented enough
83935 My simple look attracts people
83936 The way my casual look is few of them adore

4. What would you say about your style?

83937 Simple
83938 Cool
83939 Casual
83940 Classy

5. Do you like to experiment with your style?

83941 Yes, classy looks are great to try
83942 Trying casual looks is best
83943 No, my simple look is good for me
83944 Yeah comfy clothes experiments are great

6. Which kind of person you are?

83945 A morning working person
83946 A night person partying
83947 A person who likes to go out casually
83948 Cool person who works and enjoys too

7. Do you like to travel in winter?

83949 No, I am good at my place
83950 Yeah Casually
83951 I take a lot of holidays
83952 Just once in a month

8. Where do you spend most weekends?

83953 Parties
83954 Maybe out with friends or at home
83955 On my favorite couch at home
83956 Casually go out

9. Do you consider yourself a fashionable or non-fashionable person?

83957 Totally fashionable
83958 A happy medium between the two
83959 Non- fashionable
83960 I just consider myself cool

10. Are you a mountain person or a beach person in winter?

83961 Totally mountain person
83962 Kinda Both
83963 Nothing
83964 Totally a beach person
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