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Quiz: What Is Your Communication Style?

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Communication is the key to anything! There are different types of styles of communication that a person likes. Liking a lot of styles is very important and getting good communication sense is the most crucial element of anyone's personality. Have you ever wondered what type of style you might have? Is your style really good? is it matching your personality? Do you need to change your style or is it worth the style? By now you must be eager to know What Is Your Communication Style? Try out this very amazing and interesting quiz and get your answers!!

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1. Pick a statement for you?

96598 I hear too many people communicate
96599 Some people lack emotional intelligence
96600 I don't like seeing people communicate
96601 I myself do a lot of communication

2. What do you think about emotions in communication?

96602 They are a critical component
96603 They are imprecise
96604 They are important only with some people
96605 They are something to be kept in mind

3. What do you do when you make a decision?

96606 I trust my gut and intution
96607 I trust logic
96608 I get nervous and anxious
96609 I have a word with my family

4. Which word suits you the best?

96610 Generous
96611 Frowny
96612 Smart
96613 Quirky

5. On a scale of 1-10, how will you scale your communication sense?

96614 10
96615 7.5
96616 5
96617 2

6. Tell something about your decision making?

96618 Structured Process
96619 Linear Process
96620 Should be free of rules
96621 Should include your guts

7. Based on your communication style, tell if you are an introvert or extrovert

96622 Introvert
96623 Extrovert
96624 Kinda both
96625 Depends on my mood

8. Tell us what you think about structural thinking?

96626 Improves creativity
96627 Increases originality
96628 Hurts creativity
96629 Decreases originality

9. What do you expect from people when you give a formal order?

96630 I expect people to follow it
96631 I prefer more giving advice
96632 I want people asking me questions
96633 I want people to give me suggestions if I am wrong

10. Which statement describes "the communication style of your ideal boss"?

96634 They like hard data and real numbers
96635 They avoid getting bogged down in details
96636 They like process, details and timelines
96637 They like emotional language

11. Which function describes your current job?

96638 Administration
96639 Finance
96640 Human Resource
96641 Marketing

12. Choose the word that describes your current position?

96642 Top Level Executive
96643 Frontline Supervisor
96644 Mid Level Manager
96645 Individual Contributor
Let’s start the quiz

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