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What Do Your Clothes Say About You Quiz

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There are several celebrities that really encourage us to style! Everyone must be having our style icons sorted, either some celebrity or some family member or friends! Well, of course styling is getting much trendy these days and does impressive clothes. Do you know the type of clothes you wear to describe your personality! Your clothes can communicate your personality even if you don't utter a single word. Do you really need to know what do your clothes say about you? Then try out this quiz and get to know the truth.

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1. Are you often an open-minded or reserved kinda person?

84041 I am reserved
84042 I am open to some
84043 I am chill kinda rather open-minded
84044 Old school thoughts

2. How many times do you need to wash your clothes before wearing them?

84045 A lot! That might give me a better instance for future
84046 A few times! So that people might compliment me
84047 Quite Often! the clothes might turn bad
84048 I am okay if I wash them frequently

3. What kind of clothes do you generally wear at your workplace?

84049 Comfy Casuals
84050 Classy Formals
84051 Adorable Ethnic
84052 Simple yet happy

4. What do you prefer to wear at a party?

84053 Well I don't attend parties just conferences
84054 I wear my old style
84055 Crazy casuals
84056 SImple clothes

5. DO you hate people who spoil your dresses?

84057 Well, I'd not say anything
84058 I might kill them
84059 I'd not mind it
84060 We might have an arguement

6. How will your friends your wardrobe?

84061 Traditional Collection
84062 A bit of every outfit
84063 Everything planned and fixed
84064 Pale colors but yet adorable

7. How many pairs of shoes do you own?

84065 1-2
84066 Only formals shoes
84067 I don't wear shoes
84068 I have shoes for every mood

8. What's the first thing you consider when trying/buying new clothing?

84069 Will it suit the party theme?
84070 Will it Suit the conference?
84071 Isn't it too bold?
84072 Is it my kind of colour?

9. Are you a party person or a workaholic?

84073 Depending on my mood
84074 Workaholic
84075 Party Person
84076 A happy go between the two

10. DO you think clothes should be a basis of judgment?

84077 Not completely but might be
84078 Maybe but should not be a basis
84079 Yes, it decides your honesty!
84080 No, personality should be
Let’s start the quiz

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