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Which Fall Trend Is Right For You Quiz

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Fashion is one of the most important priorities for millions of people! You must be wondering about what is your fashion style? Is your fashion style really good enough to attract people? Well, there are several people who actually have a great knowledge of fashion. Do you also think you are really great when it comes to fashion? If yes, then you should really try this quiz and find your fall trend! You might also get to know about right fall trend for you!

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1. What would you say about your fashion sense?

83845 Classic
83846 Cool and Fun
83847 Casual
83848 Traditional

2. How much time do you generally take to get ready?

83849 Just 10-25 minutes
83850 I am ready
83851 I take time depending on people
83852 I need an hour or more

3. What is your favorite go-to outfit?

83853 Jeans and Tees
83854 Perfect Western dress with perfect accessories
83855 Traditional
83856 Jumpsuits

4. Do you like to do experiment with your style?

83857 No I am cool with my casuals
83858 Just give me cool dresses and I'll love this fun
83859 You can get me some ancient dresses
83860 Why not? That's what takes my time

5. Which beauty essential do you really love?

83861 Just a smile and fun in heart
83862 A lipstick is good to go with
83863 Kajal and lipsticks are a must
83864 Glitter, mascara, eye shadow and what not

6. What's your take on makeup?

83865 I am okay if I put some and also okay if I don't
83866 No way! It's a must
83867 Well it really looks good with traditional
83868 Well i never use it

7. What's your favorite shade of lipstick?

83869 I just use a lip gloss
83870 Red
83871 I try the one that goes with my kurta
83872 I try new colour everyday

8. "There''s no such thing as black" Is it true for you?

83873 Black is the new cool and fun
83874 I am good with all the colours
83875 I love only black
83876 You gotta try all shades of black Yeah!

9. Are you a Low Maintainance or High Maintenance?

83877 I am just a low one
83878 I am a happy medium between the two
83879 Well I am who I am
83880 Completely high maintainence

10. How are you often complimented as?

83881 Original
83882 Super cute accessories
83883 Natural Beauty
83884 Glowing like wow
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