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What Neighborhood Is Best For You Quiz

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Every person needs some best neighbors for them that will be like friends for them. Getting a perfect neighbor for you is always a dream for every person. There are different types of neighbors a person has managed to get. Have you ever wondered according to your personality what type of neighbor will suit you? For different types of people, there are different neighbors some decent, some exciting, and some weird personalities. You might be eager to know What Neighborhood Is Best For You? Try out this quiz and get your answers!!

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1. What is your personality?

96550 Generous
96551 Adventurous
96552 Quirky
96553 Smart

2. What kind of pets do you like?

96554 Exotics
96555 Pure bred
96556 Rescue from shelter
96557 I don't like pets

3. Pick your favorite dinner?

96558 Ramen Noodles
96559 A Slice
96560 Free Range Chicken
96561 Basque Cuisine

4. How will your friends describe you as?

96562 Radical
96563 Elegant
96564 Responsible
96565 Ambitious

5. Pick your favorite book?

96566 Goodnight Moon
96567 Architectural Design
96568 Things That Matter
96569 Only Comic books

6. Where do you mostly spend your weekends?

96570 At home
96571 Partying
96572 Work
96573 With my partner

7. How much time do you spend online?

96574 Few hours at night
96575 Every time on phone
96576 Ocassionally
96577 4-5 hours daily

8. Pick the last time you visited a doctor?

96578 A few days back
96579 I have never gone to a doctor
96580 6 days back
96581 Been 3 months

9. What is a life-changing mistake for you?

96582 Leaving college in between
96583 Painting living room black
96584 Chose the wrong partner
96585 Left my job

10. Pick your favorite exercise?

96586 Pilates
96587 Yoga
96588 Zumba
96589 Squats

11. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

96590 Introvert
96591 Extrovert
96592 Happy medium between the two
96593 Depends on person

12. On a scale of 1-10, how much socially awkward you are?

96594 10
96595 8
96596 5
96597 2
Let’s start the quiz

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