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Quiz: Test Your Knowledge About Black Carbon!

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Research published in Nature Communications highlights the harmful effects on fetal infants' health due to the placement of air pollutants in the placenta. According to research, the placenta of women exposed to high concentrations of 'black carbon' was found to have a high level of black carbon of an average size of 2.42 micrograms per centimeter cube. Air pollutants such as black carbon are found in the placenta from the mother's lungs. Has the potential to have severe health consequences on the infant. This is the main problem with low birth weight, which increases the child's vulnerability to other cardiovascular diseases including diabetes, asthma and heart stroke. Take this interesting trivia quiz about Black Carbon.

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1. Black carbon is a particulate matter produced by ____________ combustion of fossils and other biofuels.

37603 Complete combustion
37604 Incomplete combustion
37605 Adiabatic combustion
37606 Non Adiabatic combustion

2. Despite its low stability in the atmosphere, on whom does it have a wide impact?

37607 Climate
37608 Glaciers
37609 Human health
37610 Influences all of these

3. Black carbon is a _____________-term climate pollutant.

37611 Short-term
37612 Medium-term
37613 Long-term
37614 Lifetime

4. Who was the founder of Nature Communications?

37615 Lesley Anson
37616 Joerg Heber
37617 Elisa De Ranieri
37618 Nine of these

5. Where is the journal editorial offices of Nature Communications?

37619 London
37620 New York City
37621 Shanghai
37622 All of above

6. Nature Communications covers the Natural sciences, and including____________.

37623 Chemistry
37624 Physics
37625 Earth sciences & Biology
37626 All of the above

7. In 2017, Nature Publishing Group announced which three "sub journal" to be created under the Communications brand?

37627 Communications Biology
37628 Communications Chemistry
37629 Communications Physics
37630 All of above

8. It is emitted in two forms-anthropogenic and soot. It is a major component of ____________.

37631 Anthropogenic
37632 Soot
37633 Unburned fuel
37634 None of these

9. Which country is known as the highest black carbon-producing country?

37635 United State
37636 China
37637 India
37638 Bangladesh

10. How much more contribution to warming is black carbon than carbon dioxide?

37639 100 times to 2000
37640 250 times to 5000
37641 200 times to 1000
37642 390 times to 9000

11. Black carbon is found worldwide, but its presence and impact are particularly strong in, which continent?

37643 Europe
37644 Africa
37645 Asia
37646 South America

12. In climatology, black carbon is a climate ____________ agent.

37647 Free agent
37648 Function agent
37649 Forcing agent
37650 All of above
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