Quiz: Which Enola Homes Character Are You?

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Enola Holmes is a mystery film based on the book series by Nancy Springer. It was directed by Harry Bradbeer and stars Millie Bobby Brown as Enola Holmes. The first part was released in 2020 and part 2 was released in 2022. The movie revolves around the character of Enola, who is the younger sister of the famed detective Sherlock Holmes. The role of Sherlock Holmes was played by Henry Cavill and Mycroft Holmes was played by Sam Claflin. Enola sets out to solve the mystery of her mother’s disappearance. Along the way, she crosses paths with a runaway Viscount. The role of Viscount is played by Louis Partridge and becomes embroiled in a larger conspiracy. Enola Holmes is a blend of elements of mystery, adventure, and comedy. Enola Holmes is an intelligent young woman who is independent and resourceful. Throughout the film, Enola breaks the fourth wall and addresses the audience directly, adding a whimsical and self-aware tone to the story. Along the way, she encounters obstacles and adversaries, but also forms a bond with the Viscount, who shares her sense of adventure and curiosity. The film also addresses the issues such as class, gender, and social justice while maintaining a lighthearted and entertaining tone.

Questions Excerpt

1. Which character from the movie would you pick?

A. Enola Holmes

B. Mycroft Holmes

C. Sherlock Holmes

D. Eudoria Holmes

2. Which is your zodiac sign?

A. Cancer

B. Pisces

C. Scorpio

D. Libra

3. What do you want to be?

A. Detective

B. Soldier

C. Pilot

D. Policeman

4. Which collection do you like to make?

A. Collecting plants

B. Collecting coins

C. Collecting stamps

D. Collecting gifts

5. Which occupation did you practice?

A. Beekeeping

B. Bookkeeping

C. Poultry farming

D. Land mining

6. What kind of person you are?

A. Rebellious

B. Intelligent

C. Boastful

D. Peaceful

7. Where were you born?

A. United Kingdom

B. United States

C. Russia

D. Austria

8. Where would you like to dance?

A. Washroom

B. Ballroom

C. Stage

D. Bar table

9. What would you prefer wearing while riding a bike?

A. Trousers

B. Cargo pants

C. Jeans

D. Pyjamas

10. How many children do you have?

A. One Child

B. Two Children

C. Three Children

D. None of the above

11. How many brothers (s) do you have?

A. One brother

B. Two brother

C. Three brother

D. None of the above

12. Which smell soothes you?

A. Smell of Flowers

B. Smell of Petrol

C. Smell of Perfumes

D. Smell of wet land/grass


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